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Recycling & Waste Management


To be able not only to dispose of waste and residual material cost-effecitively and environmentally conscious, but even in the ideal case even to put it to further use (recycling or incineration), requires a specific material flow management. The technologies range from the recycling of glass and paper to the use of textile waste materials as insulation or filling materials, to heat recovery from waste water.

A balanced and effective recycling system preserves the natural resources and reduces the environmental impacts. But also in the production there are numerous cost advantages arising from the utilization of modern recycling treatments, for example in the recycling of production residues.

The recycling and waste management in Bavaria can revert to an area-wide net of recovery sites and recycling facilities. The extension of these facilities regarding their treatments, technologies, their efficiency and capacity are authoritative objectives for the Bavarian industry. But although the business integrated utilization of recycling treatments pokes full of potentials.

In the past 15 years the recycling economy could expand per year around 14 percent. In comparison: The German economy grew in the same period less than two percent per year. This rapid growth promoted the branch to one of the most important suppliers of raw material for the domestic economy.

According to study results, the importance of the national economy for raw materials will rise in the next years. Until 2015 the production value of secondary products will reach almost 20 billion EUR.

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