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Reasons to Consider Refrigerant Gas ManagerRefrigerant Manager helps you understand and manage the use of refrigerant gases across a thousands of systems. You avoid compliance issues, reduce regulatory risk and eliminate related refrigerant costs. A deep understanding and a reduction in leakage rates results in measurable financial savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Verisae’s Refrigerant Manager Helps Handle and Contain Refrigerant Leakage, Comply with Stringent Regulation, Handle Technician Certification and Save Money

Refrigerants have been deemed to be hazardous to the environment and are heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and others. It's important to monitor and manage the large volume of gases contained within refrigerants or AC systems across the company, to mitigate costs.

  1. Not only can refrigerant wastage add up to a significant cost burden, but fines associated with noncompliance can add insult to injury.
  2. With a system in place, opportunities for improvement can be seized upon. Management can ensure that certified technicians are working in accordance with mandated guidelines.
  3. Fines of up to $37,500 per day, per system are possible and consequences are even more punitive outside the United States. A dedicated refrigerant management system can help to avoid these nightmares.

Refrigerant Gas Manager Offerings

Refrigerant gas leakage can often point to issues with maintenance and repair. Once a problem with equipment is identified and the issues rectified, companies can more easily comply with section 608 and other requirements. A proactive approach to the management of refrigerant gas helps you:

  • track all assets that use refrigerant
  • generate warnings, reports and notifications on a timely basis
  • cut the cost of refrigerant gas and avoid punitive fines

The Refrigerant Gas Manager helps make compliance with the Clean Air Act and EPA requirements less challenging. Detailed records allow the amount and type of refrigerant to be compared against approved, annualized levels. Without programs such as Refrigerant Gas Manager, organizations may find that they are always out-of-step with EPA inspectors and are unable to contain the associated costs.

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