Refurbishment Services


Along with manufacturing new cooling towers, due to our flexible, project-oriented production, YWCT has developed expertise in cooling tower refurbishment. Small packaged cooling towers are often brought to our facility and undergo a thorough makeover, while field-erected cooling towers are revamped on site by our experienced field teams.

The results:

  • Each refurbishment is planned fresh from the start, providing a refitted cooling tower with CAD 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Upgrades, improved performance and efficiency of operating
  • cooling towers
  • Replacing and upgrade of all cooling tower components
  • Execution plans, timetables, and full scope of operation
  • In any refurbishment process, field surveys, thermal rating calculations, and engineering evaluations are conducted. A detailed proposal is provided to the cooling tower owner, explaining operational, thermal, and budgetary aspects

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