Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS)


Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) is a dedicated team of scientists and engineers whose primary function is to provide environmental engineering and consulting firms with specialized groundwater and soil remediation planning, design, verification and application services. This uniquely qualified group of remediation professionals combine excellence in field activity management and Regenesis’ class-leading technologies to bring sites to closure. RRS draws from REGENESIS’ 19+ years of experience working with hundreds of leading environmental engineering firms on thousands of remediation projects around the world.

  • Partnering in the planning and design stages of remediation program development; leveraging capabilities of our in-house treatability laboratory to evaluate and optimize remedial solutions
  • Use of high resolution characterization tools to confirm lateral and vertical extent of contaminants and ensure optimal distribution of remediation reagents
  • Hands-on field application management and supervision
  • Regenesis’ state-of-the-art dosing and monitoring equipment
  • Reagent application/injection services
    • Injection services (top-down, bottom-up, galleries, fixed wells)
    • Soil mixing (ex-situ and in-situ)
    • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Detailed documentation and record keeping
  • Site safety plan and monitoring
  • Post application remediation performance review

  • Reduced risk and project cost resulting from a strong track record of experience and performance
  • A turn-key experience where RRS takes on the responsibility for all aspects of the remediation project
  • Best-in-class application services which ensure proper placement, distribution and performance of remedial reagents
  • Assurance of proper reagent dosing based on pilot testing and/or high resolution verification tools
  • Manufacturer’s direct knowledge of and experience with Regenesis reagents
  • Strong understanding of subsurface geology, geochemistry and reagent applicability
  • Ability to evaluate and modify the remediation/injection plans on-the-fly relative to unknown or challenging site conditions
  • Expertise in equipment selection and usage at a range of sites and conditions
  • A comprehensive Application Summary Report which documents all aspects of on-site remediation activities

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