U.S. Water Services Corporation

U.S. Water Services Corporation


The Everglades City Advanced Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility has a permitted capacity of 0.200 mgd and annual daily average flow equals 0.160 mgd. The major treatment process components consist of influent screening, flow equalization, aeration, secondary clarification, chemical feed, aerobic sludge digestion, sludge drying beds, an end result public access reuse water system, rapid infiltration basins and surface water discharge. During the past year U.S. Water has been involved in a major system upgrade and repair of the existing treatment systems. Everglades City had established an existing public access reuse system which had never been put into operation. U.S. Water provided analysis and design/build engineering services to facilitate the many repairs and modification to the system the 0.848 mg ground storage tank and 0.206mg reject tank and distribution system have been place into service and are providing reuse water to the City and its residents.

During the very active 2005 hurricane season U.S. Water was able to respond to the critical needs of the City for water and wastewater services in the aftermath of hurricane Wilma. Everglades City was in the direct path of the hurricane and within 2 hours after the hurricane passed through, U.S. Water had assessment teams onsite and repair crews making temporary and emergency repairs to restore vital water and wastewater services to the residents of Everglades City. Through ongoing coordination with the City, Regulatory Agencies and FEMA, U.S. Water was able to maintain temporary solutions to bypass the damaged sections of the system thereby allowing continued use of the utilities. This service allowed for proper diagnostics, component replacement and rehabilitation of the system for permanent and long lasting use.

As stated by Honorable Everglades City Mayor Sammy Hamilton Jr.; 'U.S. Water Services Corporation provided the citizens of Everglades City with outstanding emergency services following hurricane Wilma, allowing the citizens to have full city utility services while many surrounding communities were out of services for many days. We were fortunate to have U.S. Water Services Corporation as our utility contractor.'

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