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SCS Engineers

Remediation Construction Services

SCS-FS Construction has provided these specialized construction services since 1985. As one of the oldest and largest turn-key environmental consulting and remedial construction firms in the nation, SCS-FS Construction is a Class A – General Engineering Contractor with HAZ – Hazardous Materials Certification. Clients can be confident that their job will be done right. Our managers’ remediation projects range in size from service station sites to 100-acre chemical plants; from landfills to federal explosive test sites.

Project scopes include mine closures and capped landfills, removal or treatment of many thousands of cubic yards of contaminated soil, demolition of chemical plants, and removal of hundreds of underground storage tanks and structures. We are client focused, and our business interests are free of conflict that would affect our judgment in helping clients select and implement the best approach for a given project. SCS receives preferred contractor status from coveted clients by providing construction know-how, a strong safety ethic, risk management, and value.

Design-Construction AdvantagesSCS Field Services together with SCS Engineers, are able to offer turnkey investigation, design, construction and monitoring of remedial measures in house. This arrangement meets many of our clients’ requirements for responsiveness and accountability when facing an environmental emergency or critical deadline.

SCS provides a completely integrated general construction, engineering, and scientific team experienced in solving complex construction and environmental problems. With offices and experience nationwide, our resources and internal network create a base of knowledge that allows us expedited permitting and environmental compliance.SCS Field Services does construct projects that were designed by others, but clients have found that our combined turn-key solutions offer particular value. When investigation, design, construction and O&M services are consolidated in a single qualified firm, risk management becomes simpler.

Remedial Construction Services

Contaminated and deteriorated soil requires careful remediation. SCS has extensive experience in both the in-situ characterization of contaminated soils and characterizing contaminated soil “on-the-fly” when the unexpected is encountered. SCS self-performs both the remediation excavation and the construction mass excavation.

  • Earthwork, Erosion Control, and Soil Decontamination:
  • Construction of RCRA or TSCA caps over contaminated soils
  • Soil cement stabilization
  • Implementation of groundwater pump-and-treat systems
  • Excavation of contaminated soils and implementation of ex-situ bioremediation
  • Implementation of in-situ bioremediation systems and in-situ chemical oxidation
  • UST/AST removal   
  • Construction of soil vapor extraction systems with carbon filtration and/or air sparging
  • Implementation of cut-off walls to preclude the flow of contaminated groundwater off-site
  • Stormwater BMPs
  • Wetlands habitat restoration

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