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Remote Monitoring & Control Services


By their very nature hydropower turbines tend to be situated away from the comforts of hearth and home…or office for that matter! And while there’s no doubt having invested time, money, energy and passion in getting your Archimedean Screw up and running you’ll want to make regular visits to see it in action, it’s good to know that with MannPower’s system you also have the option of monitoring and controlling the Screw from your PC.

With our system you will be able to monitor many aspects of data, including:

  • Flow rate
  • Kilowatts power output
  • Turbine efficiency
  • Compliance with your abstraction licence

You can also control the water flow rate through the turbine remotely – an important capability in flood conditions particularly.

With our remote monitoring systems you can not only keep an eye on the operational efficiency of your turbine – you can also monitor the amount of money it is generating for you, every hour of every day. Minute by minute you can watch your investment being repaid.

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