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We're a team of innovative thinkers with a focus on biotechnology for analytical chemistry. Since 1993, we've been developing enzymes for the application of environmental testing and beyond. Through the help of various granting agencies, our research scientists have developed and optimized enzyme-based analytical chemistry methods to replace conventional test methods that are expensive, inaccurate, or potentially toxic. We're always open to new ideas and project requests, contact us today to learn more about our ongoing projects and enzyme-building services.

Enzyme For Ethanol Determination
Currently, NECi is developing an enzyme based test method for testing alcohol concentration (methanol and/or ethanol) in aqueous solutions. Our target market is alcohol testing in wine samples, but we are also investigating its use in other samples, including gasoline with an ethanol blend. Our kits will be offered in both a microplate format and for a standard spectrophotometer. It will also be able to integrate to our handheld spectrophotometer, which is under final stages of development. As the reaction occurs, a green color is produced and its absorption is read at 410 nM. Reliable results will be available in approximately 30 minutes without expensive equipment!

Enzyme For Glycerol Detection In Biodiesel
We're currently working on isolating an enzyme to detect glycerol content in biodiesel. ASTM pure biodiesel contains less than 0.02% glycerol/glycerine. We are developing test kits for spot checking fuel purity.

Total Nitrogen Test Kits
Recent interest has sparked NECi to create a test kit to provide a means of assessing the total amount of nitrogen in an aqueous sample. This includes all of the organic nitrogen, ammonium, nitrate and nitrite in a sample. The traditional method for total nitrogen analysis involves the Kjeldahl Digestion, in which all of the organic nitrogen containing compounds are converted to ammonium using sulfuric acid and high heat. We are working on a method that oxidizes all of the nitrogen containing compounds to nitrate and nitrate, which would then be analyzed using our standard range nitrate test kit.

Phosphate Test Kits
Our Phosphate Test Kit is in the final phases of development and will be available very soon to our customers. The kit has been developed for testing phosphate concentration in soil. The phosphate is brought into solution by a simple water extraction, and a very small portion is used for testing. We have also adapted our method for water containing high amounts of salt, and it is likely adaptable to other samples as well. Our testing range is 0-10ppm phosphate, but again, is adaptable to your specific needs. This method requires a spectrophotometer capable of reading absorbance at 360nM, but can also be use in conjunction with our handheld spectrophotometer and smart phone application, both of which are currently under final stages of development.

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