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A leading company in the sector is supposed to invest in the operational improvement of the overall system. Since the very beginning of its history, Biological Care has decided to study any aspect of the anaerobic digestion process in order to offer useful and profitable innovations before its competitors.

To date, many new businesses benefit from suggestions, means, or products originated from our company! For instance, the correct use of many energy products, in good balance with each other, has been studied and proposed by our technical experts. Research has always been conducted together with officially recognised institutions such as the University of Munich, University of Bologna, University of Stuttgart, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), and many other prestigious technological partners.

The result of our close collaboration with academia is well represented by the experimental dissertations of young students who, intrigued by this sector, have chosen us as a partner for the completion of their academic studies. Currently under realisation at an advanced stage of progress, is an instrument called Methantube, which will be extremely useful for the control of input biomass.

In addition, there are new generation blends of bacteria referred to as Bio Manbat that promise very high digestive performances of the plants. Under advanced study are enzymatic protein cocktails enriched with vitamins that allow important reductions of biomass.

Furthermore, there is an instrument suitable for any plant technologies referred to as Plurrimaxx that is capable of breaking down the cell walls of the “digestative” in transit between the primary digester and the post digester.

This ensures a very high micronisation of the partially digested organic particles to the benefit of food savings for the entire plant. Currently being studied from the point of view of feasibility are other very interesting projects that will be available soon.

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