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The study and development of cutting-edge technologies have always guided our choices. Traditionally the objectives of research have been the materials, the treatments and the construction geometries. Today, however, the growing need for higher overall qualitative performance makes it necessary to concentrate all attention on the entire “system”, dedicating more and more resources also to the realisation of controls, guards and automations.

That obtained with the development policy used can be observed in the new production of centrifuge machines, the GHT systems, which have many technological developments:

  • Inverter start-up (clutch start-up in other productions)
  • Auger electronic control with PWM method
  • Modem connection for remote assistance service
  • Signals communication in Ethernet network
  • Continuous oil lubrication
  • Panel PC or Touch Screen operator panel
  • Automatic rotation variation

That achieved in terms of technology and performance, should not be seen as an arrival point, but as a stimulus for further improvements; production will continue to be projected towards the search for increasingly more efficient systems, to respond quickly and with cutting-edge solutions to any market requests.

For the applied research, and for some specific tasks the company collaborates with Italian and overseas universities and consultants at the highest level of specialisation in the various fields.

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