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Rotec maintains a continuous and significant R&D activity designed to enhance existing products, to extend its “flow Technology” applications and to develop new technologies for the desalination market. One of the technologies that is being developed is the “scale sensing” technology.

An ultrasonic technique is used to detect the formation of mineral scaling at its initial phase. When scales precipitate on a monitored surface ultrasound waves reflected by the surface change in shape and arrival time. Formation of scales can be detected by comparing the shape and arrival time of subsequent supersonic wave pulses. The ultrasonic techniques is non-invasive and suitable for in-situ real-time warning of incipient scaling on surfaces of water treatment equipment such as pipelines, membrane modules, heat exchangers and cooling towers.

The scientific basis for the ultrasonic Scale Sensor Technology was developed at the Colorado-Bolder University, USA. ROTEC signed an exclusive and irrevocable license agreement with the university for the use of its technology.

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