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In order to meet the demand for residential housing and to respond to planning policy guidance encouraging the redevelopment of brownfield sites, new residential development sites are often exposed to high levels of noise from sources such road, rail and air traffic and industry.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), noise can be a major environmental health problem, causing interference with speech communication, annoyance, sleep disturbance and affecting the cardiovascular and psycho-physiological system.

In this context, the acoustic design of residential developments becomes extremely important to ensure an acceptable soundscape both within residential properties and external amenity areas.

The acoustic standards required by Local Planning Authorities are becoming increasingly onerous, as too is level of acoustic design information required to support the development.

Innovate Acoustics is highly experienced in the provision of detailed acoustic design advice, to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations - Approved Document E, BS 8233 - Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings - Code of practice and BREEAM guidance for sustainable buildings.

We have the capability and experience to provide acoustic assessment and design support to architects, developers and engineers, at all project design and construction stages. We have previously supported clients on schemes ranging from luxury penthouse apartments and residential towers to strategic ‘new town’ master-plan developments.

Acoustic design is often required to control the impact of external noise within living rooms and bedrooms, to ensure appropriate acoustic separation between adjoining rooms, to provide appropriate soundscape within external amenity areas and control the impact of any building services plant on both existing and proposed residences.

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