Restoration and Repair Services


Octaform’s Restoration and Repair system extends the Octaform product line to include solutions for the repair of existing compromised concrete structures. Using a variety of connection methods, tailored to meet a project’s physical location restrictions, Octaform Restoration and Repair can be provided as both structural and non-structural coverings of compromised concrete and rebar. The stay-in-place panels protect the new concrete and steel from all corrosive elements greatly enhancing the lifespan of the structure versus conventional methods.

Octaform developed this system as a solution to seismic upgrading of compromised structures. This system was then identified as a solution for the BC Schools Seismic Mitigation Program. In conjunction with Ausenco-Sandwell Engineering and repair specialists, Vector Construction Group, a solution was developed to meet the requirements of the Seismic Mitigation Program testing parameters.

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