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Disturbed soil environments are especially harsh for rebalancing the soil. In our applications we have successfully remediated mining tailings, road projects, and disturbed soils. We have brought deteriorated soils back to vital environments with soil enhancing constituents. With the addition of beneficial nutrients the revitalization of growth in benign soils are enhanced.

Erosion control and mine tailings reclamation and revegetation. Biorganic buffering of sterile conditions and soil enhancement of natural biology for support of healthy microbial and plant populations.

Petroleum and chemical contaminated soils. Biorganic buffering of contaminants, establishment of microbial populations and providing biorganic nutrients for microbial reduction of contaminants to carbon dioxide and water.

Soil enhancement for improved reforestation planting and tree growth. Biorganic enhancement of natural soil biology providing improved germination, plant growth and reduction of disease and mortality.

Soil Revegetation Enhancement

  • Saves water by improving water penetration and root zone development
  • Increases speed of breakdown of biodegradable chemicals in soil
  • Creates a safer, less polluted environment
  • Reduces weed pressure due to improved nutrient balance in the soil


  • Plant health & growth
  • Root zone development
  • Uptake of available nutrients
  • Seed germination
  • Soil health

BioLynceus Biological Solutions provides on-site consulting services for your projects. Please call us to establish a time for our specialist to visit with you about your remediation project.

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