CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

River Rehabilitation Services

When there is a high wear at the bottom and/ or there is no chance to cover the bottom with concrete, there is a collector line or high wear at the bottom then River Rehabilitation is required for landscape and supplying base stabilisation. Used Geogrids permits for maintanence and repair of the collector line.

  • Grade excavation and filling the gaps at the bottom of the river,
  • Geotextile and Geogrid lay out,
  • Concrete beams are constructed over the sealing layer in every 50m to make terraces,
  • Concrete repeling on the river walls to lock teh Geotextiel and Geogrid. Thus precipitates are blocked to fall under
  • Base slop finalization to make the way of water to the discharge point (sea etc.. )

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