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Envirosystems is a leader in leveraging advanced technologies to provide innovative and safer solutions. Our Robotic Services team provides project management services, site-specific professionals, and specialized equipment to customers in diverse industries. We have the ability to modify our existing robotic services equipment, build or engineer new equipment, or adapt our processes to suit the specific requirements of most industries. This flexibility has helped us perform many “firsts” in industrial services.


  • Reduced personnel exposure to falling rubble, vibration and hazardous or toxic materials
  • Confined space solutions
  • Hotwork capabilities - high temperature and hostile environments
  • Electronically powered - no fumes 


  • Highly trained and well experienced operator/technicians
  • Remote control offers the operator the best view of the work while affording him precise control
  • Proven to be approximately (6) six to (8) eight times faster than 'manual', human labor tear-out and/or removal
  • Reduced downtime on equipment items serviced
  • Machines are extremely maneuverable and can operate in congested areas
  • Less manpower required on job-site with higher resultant productivity
  • Reduced overall project costs


  • Well-maintained and serviced equipment
  • Personally transported to the job-site
  • All commonly required spare parts and repair tools on the job-site, as applicable
  • Trained and experienced operator/technicians manning our equipment  


  • Machines are compact, Easily transportable
  • Attachments for any applications
  • Machines can be utilized for de-bricking, stripping out castables, concrete, build-up or coatings, 'mucking' out debris, slag removal, reinforced concrete and/or tile chest, foundation, pad, deck and structure demolition, etc.
  • Used in kilns, coolers, furnaces, hazard-waste process vessels and units, tanks, chests, firing hoods and much, much more.

 Contact us today to find out more about how our robotic services help to make industrial and environmental services safer, more cost-effective, and of higher quality.

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