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Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Services


Increasingly, municipalities are recognizing the significant, costly impact which can result from the inflow and infiltration (I&I) of clear water into the sanitary sewer system. With our deep expertise and experience in identifying, prioritizing and managing I&I sources, Civica has enabled municipalities to reduce basement flooding and sewage treatment plant overcapacity problems, and, to defer the need for adding new system capacity, all of which can involve extraordinary costs.

Inflow refers to deliberate connections of pipes and drains carrying rainwater to the sanitary system. Infiltration refers to rain water entering the sanitary system through defects in the system such as cracks in pipes. Civica uses simple and effective field inspection methods to identify, verify and manage sources of inflow and infiltration.

First, monitoring of the dry weather and wet weather flows within the sanitary sewer infrastructure is performed and, using Civica’s DataCurrent software, the resulting data is analyzed in relation to rainfall data. Areas in which flow rates within the sewer pipes increase significantly in response to major rainfall events indicate possible I&I. These areas can be viewed on thematic heat maps to facilitate better visualization of where the potential problems are occurring.

Smoke testing of the problem areas is then conducted by our experienced field technicians to identify the possible source of inflow and infiltration. Then a dye testing procedure is performed to further confirm that the I&I source does indeed channel rain water into sanitary line. Detailed information about the I&I source is recorded in Civica’s DataCurrent software from which graphical, map-oriented reports can be generated for use in efficiently planning the efforts to remediate the problem sources.

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