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Secondary Container Labeling Services


Companies with hazardous products and chemicals stored in secondary containers are generally required by regulatory standards to provide labeling for products used by employees. Labeling helps promote a safe work environment, allowing users to quickly identify materials and respond to emergencies. The required label format and data elements can differ greatly by region and regulatory agency. Historically, OSHA has only required that labeling of secondary containers identify the material and appropriate hazard warnings. The GHS standard requires symbols, hazards, and many other fields derived from the (M)SDS.

Types of label formats

SafeTec’s label generation tool allows all users to print labels on-demand from a local workstation. Our standard label formats, available for most types of label stock, include:

  • Canada (WHMIS)
  • Global Harmonized System (GHS)
  • European Union (EU)

Container Tracking

Many companies require strict control mechanisms to track the product lifecycle.  Understanding how a material enters the facility, how it is consumed or processed, and how it leaves or enters a waste stream is crucial to particular organizations and can have an impact on reporting requirements. In conjunction with our container inventory solution, labels can be generated to include specific container information and customer defined identifiers, such as a barcode or classification number.

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