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Sector-specific safety performance benchmarking


For some ten years Corporate Benchmarking Services has been operating a custom-built benchmarking tool for the UK's Water utility sector.

Eleven participating companies enter accident data quarterly according to a mix of employee types and activities. The system uses standard KPIs of Lost Time Incidence Rates from >1day to RIDDOR >3 day, Major and Days Lost rates.

Companies can mine the results in a number of ways. They can look at their own performance through time. They can choose other companies to compare with, both through time and for a specific accident cause. They can look at all accident types across a range of dates then explode the results to scrutinise the data at causal level presented as a pie chart.

Eleven of the UK’s largest water utility companies use a  dedicated website built and managed by ourselves, which captures accidents by cause and type, by company and by employee group.

Members can then mine the results to build charts and tables of any set of companies and compare any accident of any type for any period for whichever employee group they wish.  This link takes you to a page dedicated to the service.  Please call for a demonstration.

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