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Secure Software Services


All our solutions are tightly integrated via secure web-based monitoring and management services. The advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) environment incorporates a 128 bit SSL protected web site and enables full interaction with the SmartCover system and any associated products or software. There is no client-side software or special hardware to install; users just need internet access and a web browser. The intuitive map-based web site is your interface to the SmartCover system.

The system's built-in mapping functionality allows easy identification of monitoring locations within the geographic borders of an agency.  Users can easily manage SmartCover devices through the web-interface, such as setting alarm parameters, monitoring operational status, and enabling/disabling features, without the time and expense of truck-rolls to physically check status.

The secure SaaS web-based environment also supports a wide range of data analysis capabilities, such as manipulation, viewing and exporting historical trend information.  Coupled with the rich data analysis capabilities of our SmartTrend® software, the web-based environment gives agency staff the ability predict potential problem areas before they arise and to more effectively manage maintenance scheduling and long-term capital investment planning.

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