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Sediment Vibracoring Services



Aqua Survey owns and operates more than ten heavy duty vibracoring systems. Vibracoring is considered to be the most cost effective technology to collect large numbers of sediment cores efficiently and with little distortion to the actual core. Three or four inch diameter cores can be collected continuously to a depth of about 40 feet.

Sediment vibracores are used extensively for:

  •  Contaminant characterization
  •  Geotechnical characterization
  •  Geophysical data ground-truthing
  •  Mineral deposit characterization
  •  Archeological investigation

Barrel liners are typically flexible food-grade polyethylene for contaminant evaluations or rigid polycarbonate for geotechnical samples or high-resolution environmental cores. The flexible liners can be slit with a razor knife, allowing for easy processing in the field or in the lab. A standard 4-inch diameter sediment core yields about 0.5 gallons of sediment per foot of recovered core. A vessel-based field crew can typically collect 8-12 short cores (12 feet) a day, depending on sampling conditions. We can deploy multiple vibracoring field teams simultaneously.

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