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Semiconductor Industry Service


atea is able to collect and treat all the exhaust gases. We feed the acid and caustic exhaust into separate counter-current or cross-flow scrubbers. The solvent exhaust is treated separately in thermal systems. The general exhaust is also collected separately and re-diverted.

atea is a specialist in the cleaning of exhaust air and waste water for the semiconductor industry:

  • Air and water treatment plants
  • Counter-current and cross-flow scrubbers
  • Adsorption systems
  • Thermal and regenerative oxidizers
  • Duct engineering (FM approved)

atea is able to take over the complete project implementation, including pipework and ducting and the assembly of all components. Competent, on-time and at a reasonable cost.


In 2005 atea built a plant with the total of 15 cross-flow scrubbers. As each has a capacity of of 48.000 m3 per hour, the plant can clean an air flow of 720,000 m3 per hour.

atea managed the complete production and installation within only four months. This was made possible by the high level of pre-production within our Malaysian production facility.

This project is an impressive example of atea's extremely efficient abilities, especially as the high-quality, successful outcome was achieved in the shortest possible time.


Since 2000, atea has installed more than 20 counter-current and cross-flow scrubbers for the separation of acidic components or ammonia from the exhaust air flow of a semiconductor production plant.

atea carried out the complete engineering together with the production and installation of all plants. Additionally, extensive duct systems and sprinklers were delivered.

The large number of installed plants and the positive co-operation over a number of years prove the efficiency of atea and the high level of satisfaction of our customer.

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