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Enable extemely accurate temperature measurement solutions for the semiconductor industry. We know temperature plays a critical role in the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries. Advanced Energy's extensive semiconductor experience allows us to fully understand the temperature management challenges you face. We offer non-contact and contact-based options as well as our fiber optic temperature (FOT) Luxtron® product line. It enables temperature measurement in RF, plasma, high voltage, and induction system environments. Advanced Energy provides excellent FOT monitoring for electrostatic chucks in etcher systems and wafer fab equipment as well as custmizable solutions for both MOCVD (e.g. LED chips) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) applications.

Temperature measurement is critical to the efficacy of semiconductor equipment. You require highly accurate and low noise solutions with varying temperature ranges for etching and wafer fab processes. Higher sample rates are needed to monitor fast ramp conditions and reliability is key to decrease failure rates.

During deposition, substrate temperature measurement must be extremely precise and immune to plasma inteference for ultimate accuracy. MOCVD and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) also require highly accurate wafer temperature control making susceptor temperature measurement inadequate.

Etching and Wafer Fab Processes

Advanced Energy is a leading supplier monitoring for electrostatic chucks in etcher systems and wafer fab equipment. We pioneered the fiber optic temperature (FOT) technology known as Fluoroptic® which is featured in the Advanced Energy Luxtron® product line. It uses phosphor fluorescence to accurately measure temperature in RF, plasma, high voltage, and induction system environments.Our low noise solutions deliver the accuracy, high sampling, and temperature ranges you need.


Our UV 400 pyrometers enable true wafer and patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) temperature measurement, yield improvements, and can detail the wavelength relationship. They're you're ideal solution for LED chip manufacturing.

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