CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

Service Buildings Construction

Service buildings serves all staff of the plant from plant manager to workers. The type and size of the building is diversified with considering usage aim.

Guard - Weighbridge Building

Used for controlling entrances to and exits from the site. Generally comprised of guard room, weighbridge computer control room, toilet.

Management Building

Generally named as the main building of the plant, it includes administrators' offices and laboratories. Generally comprised of Administrator Room, Technical Personnel Room, Laboratory, Refectory, Kitchen, Toilet.

Repair and Maintanence Workshop

The building is used to wash, repair and make maintanence of the vehicles and machineries used in the plant. Generally comprised of

  • Workshop Part - Washing part, Lubrication Hole, Repair and Maintanence Part
  • Administrating Part - Office, Tea Shop, Boiler Room, Locker Room, Showers and toilet.

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