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The Lab Automation service offers online-support or the direct transfer of software demonstrations to your computer. With the help of a coded connection between the Analytik Jena AG and your computer, we can help you with the compiling or reviewing of programs, troubleshooting, problem-solving or through a demonstration of our software.

Call us, we will tell you the next steps to complete the connection.

The choices are in the Service column (right), accordingly your request, different software programs available.

Our software engineer will talk you through the necessary applications on the telephone, while simultaneously viewing the problem on the computer screen. Moreover, you can authorize the service engineer to operate your applications as if the expert was there in the laboratory.

  • We do not have the ability to copy data from your computer with this program, which is named Netviewer.
  • You may follow the procedure on the computer monitor.
  • You may end the connection at anytime with the use of the F12 key.
  • The connection is encoded with 128 bits.
  • Random number is generated for each connection. We may only establish a connection if you start the program and enter this number.
  • Netviewer transmits the data as with regular internet protocols.

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