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Either directly or through our extensive network of partners, we at LuminUltra are here to serve and support you every step of the way to ensure success with our products.

In addition to standard product use support, we are pleased to offer the following services:

Sample Analysis:

Not ready to get started with running 2nd Generation ATP tests yourself but ready to start reaping the benefits? Send us your samples for analysis, and our experience laboratory staff will return results to you within 24 hours of receipt.

Product Validation Services:

Would you like us confirm the correct product for your needs? Our experienced laboratory staff can run a thorough validation of our products on your samples to ensure a smooth transition to on-site ATP monitoring in your application. We can even develop custom protocols based on our core product line, or even entirely new technologies.

Seminars & Webinars:

Interested in having us speak to a wider audience? Contact us today to discuss the details.

On-Site Training Programs:

An on-site training program can be an effective way to facilitate start-up with LuminUltra's products. At the request of the customer, LuminUltra personnel can travel to the customer site to train operators and staff on topics such as:

  • Test protocols
  • Labor-saving techniques
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation of Results

Site Characterization Programs:

Unsure if ATP monitoring is right for your application? LuminUltra personnel can travel to your site and use ATP test protocols to conduct a thorough examination of your treatment process. At the end of this study, technical personnel will provide the client with a detailed report complete with recommendations for process improvement.

Training, interpretation, and test program design services can be combined with a Site Characterization Program to maximize your benefit!

Data Interpretation:

Customers using ATP as part of their routine process monitoring can send data to LuminUltra's technical staff who can offer unique insight into process performance. By utilizing in-house software and multivariate analysis platforms, LuminUltra can rapidly interpret your data and identify opportunities for process improvement from afar!

Operation & Maintenance Program Development and Troubleshooting:

Our experience in the engineering and microbiology fields has given us a keen understanding of water and wastewater treatment operations and maintenance. Coupled with our unique technologies, we can work with you to identify best practices and process improvement opportunities!

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