Otis Bay Environmental Consultants (OBEC)



Otis Bay Ecological Consultants (OBEC) is an integrated team of two small business corporations that work closely together to restore native riparian and upland landscapes.  Otis Bay, Inc. is the primary design and ecological consulting team that provides planning expertise to guide construction implemented by its affiliate company, Otis Bay Ecological Restoration, Inc.  OBEC works closely with a third partner company, Paiute Native Plants, Inc., a Native American owned company that specializes in the production of native plants for ecological restoration projects.  Working together, these three companies complete ecological restoration projects from initial concept and design phase, through to construction, implementation, and re-vegetation.  As a team, these three companies have a breadth of diversified experience that spans decades, assuring successful and ecologically responsible restoration solutions.

We are capable of completing quality projects that range from large scale river restoration to small wetland and spring restoration.  OBEC has substantial experience in ecosystem-based instream flow studies, restoration monitoring, and conservation planning for sensitive species.  OBEC is knowledgeable in dealing with resource and regulatory agencies on the state and federal level, and we have developed expertise in our ability to work with engineers to develop feasible solutions for the needs of both humans and the environment. 

OBEC provides a unique mix of biological, environmental, and physical sciences as they apply to ecosystem restoration, ecosystem protection, and sustainable environments.  Our team of experts has proven experience working with sensitive species and their habitats, and we have a track record of restoration projects that have increased populations of target species while enhancing the aesthetic values of the land and creating opportunities for outdoor human recreation.

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