Arun Electrochemical Systems Pvt Ltd

Arun Electrochemical Systems Pvt Ltd



Process Development R&D: We undertake process development of desired molecule in pharma and specialty chemical that will include one or more of electrochemical process. Design and fabrication of electrochemical cells for exploratory purpose.  This includes Cell for S-I cycle which aims to harness nuclear thermal power into hydrogen production from water splitting. R&D for development of Li ion electrodes for Li ion battery. R&D for development of gas diffusing electrodes for fuel cells.

Corrosion Consultancy
Consultancy on Corrosion study and prevention of corrosion in industry.
Cooling tower water treatment program

Water Analysis
We collect water and waste water samples from the field and provide analysis report for desired parameters. We provide consultancy for water and waste water treatment program based on the analysis report.

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