Shale Gas Water Filtration and Transport Solutions



TIGG's Shale Gas equipment helps Shale Gas well site operators diminish their environmental impact, meet water discharge requirements and reduce costs.

TIGG built 10` x 40` mud tanks for storage and mixing of drilling lubrication for a drilling fluids firm that caters to the shale gas industry.

Whether it is water filtration systems to recycle frac flowback and produced water, steel tanks to transport frac water or mud tanks to store and mix frac drilling lubricant, TIGG manufactures quality equipment for sale or rent.

When frac flowback and produced water reach the point where recycling needs to come before reuse, TIGG has the water reclamation expertise to remove dissolved and suspended solids to acceptable levels.

We offer more than 60 water purification systems, like our High-Flo multi-bag filter that removes suspended solids from water at rates up to 1,000 gpm.

Whether skid-mounted or mobile, TIGG liquid phase adsorption systems can handle up to 700 gpm. This allows well operators to treat frac flowback pit water at a rate of approximately one million gallons a day.

TIGG’s liquid phase multi-media filters and activated carbon adsorption vessels can be combined with other technologies to produce a complete integrated frac water reclamation system.

Additionally, our tanks are used for water trucks to transport frac, flowback and produced water to and from well operations.

We also build mud tanks to facilitate frac well drilling.

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