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Issuing the Inferential Card (Local Label ) of the ministry to be used by companies for importing and circulation of pesticides within the Country.

  1. Copy of valid trade license issued by the competent municipalities
  2. Copy of valid license to practise agricultural activities issued by the ministry
  3. Registration certificate of pesticide in the country of origin (in Arabic or English) certifiedand approved by the Embassy of the country of origion.
  4. Guarantee Certificate issued by the manufacturer to assure the pesticide quality certified and approved by the UAE Embassy in the country of origion).
  5. Certificate of components analysis of the pesticide and the impurities therein (certified and approved by the Embassy of the country of origion).
  6. The details of the Source of the active ingredient of the pesticide including the percentage of purity and impurities in quantity and quality (Source of active ingredient + Analysis Certificate of the active ingredient) from the country of origin.
  7. A letter from the parent company confirms that the active ingredient of the pesticide was manufactured and combined in the head office of the company, for pesticide manufactured or prepared in a country other than the country where the head office of the company is existed.
  8. Original Copy of the studies of acute toxicity from the competent body that the study was conducted in the country of origin. .
  9. Detailed studies of active ingredient and the product issued by the official or international bodies characterized by neutral relationships or approved tests for the following :
  10. Acute , sub chronic , and chronic toxicity ( carcinogenicity ,teratogenicity ,mutagenicity ,delayed neurotoxicity) .
  11. Pesticide residues in plants and environment components. -
  12. Assessment of the hazards of the pesticide on consumer (value of the pre-harvest period- the maximum residual pesticide - acceptable daily intake).
  13. Environmental poisoning (impact on non-target organisms - aquatic toxicity - accumulation in aquatic organisms - influence on earthworms - the impact on birds - the impact on natural enemies, honey bees and pollinated)
  14. Arabic or English technical data sheet of the pesticide. It should contain detailed data of the pesticide according to the specifications of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization(WHO), in addition to the other data may be required by the committee from the registration applicant.
  15. studies, reports, or published research issued by a scientific institutions accredited by an European Union country, such as America - Japan - Canada - Australia regarding the effectively experiments to support the proposed uses of the pesticide.
  16. proposed model of the pesticide label which include all information according to the design of the Ministry of Enviroment & Water.
  17. The certificate of fixing pesticide according to UAE circumstances from the country of origin.
  18. A copy of pesticide label registered in the country of origin (Translated into Arabic or English).
  19. Authorization from the producing company by the registration of the pesticide.
  20. Submission of official documents prove that registration of the pesticide in at least two countries of the European Union and or Japan or America. This documents should be certified and accredited by the Embassy of the UAE in these countries, if the pesticide to be registered is not registered in the country of origin and only producing the active ingredient for the purpose of exporting, and imported directly from the same factory.
  21. Provide CD directly from the producing company in the country of origin, in addition to send a covering letter to the Head of Pesticide Committee of the Enviroment Affair Sector in the Ministry of Environment & Water. This CD should contain the following:
  22. Technical Data Sheet of the pesticide
  23. Toxicity studies
  24. Information of storing and releasing of the used pesticide.
  25. All chemical and physical specifications and information of the pesticide.

Terms and conditions:

The pesticide required for registration should not be banned in the country according to the Ministerial Decree No.849 of the year 2010 and Ministerial Decree No. 186 of the year 2011.

Used Forms:
Inferential Card Form

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