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Shipment and Reactivation of Spent Carbons Services


The activated carbons used for the elimination of organic residues from gases or liquids gradually become saturated, through the effect of the increase in the concentration of the polluting agents in the adsorbent.When this occurs, the decisions must be made regarding what is to be done with spent material.

Adsorption on granular activated carbon, differently from other technologies known today for the purification in liquid and gaseous phases, has the advantage of being a reversible process in the majority of cases; by means of thermal treatment it is possible to liberate the porous structure of the carbon from the organic pollutants adsorbed and thus make it possible to re-use the reactivated carbon in the same productive process. This avoids having to dispose of the exhausted carbon as waste, saving the corresponding costs and optimizing the management of the environment of the process where the active carbon is employed. The technology of thermal reactivation, nowadays most widely diffused and with greater efficiency, is based on the thermal treatment in rotary kilns.

This process offer most significant advantages to the user of activated Carbons:

  •     The best available option for the environment
  •     Cutting out costs for the disposal of the waste (spent carbon)

The regenerated material is generally less expensive than the virgin adsorbent.

Comelt manages exclusively for the NORIT Group the reactivation service of the industrial spent carbon (Amber List). The Norit Italia factory, equipped with up-to-date plants for the best environmental certification UNI ISO EN 14001:1996 end with the quality certification UNI ISO EN 9001:2008. Comelt carries out , by means of its own qualified personnel and proper devices, the activated carbon and filter media handling.

In particular:

  • Empting and filling of water and air filters
  • Sieving and levelling of the activated carbon in the solvent recovery filters
  • Transport of the spent carbon to the Norit plant located in Ravenna, by means of trucks autorized for the transport of waters, as per law requiremens.

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