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Manuals of Practice (MOPs) are developed by specific task forces of WEF’s Technical Practice Committee using established consensus procedures that are the “gold standard” in the wastewater industry. These peer-reviewed resources cover design, operation, and management topics critical to the protection of public health and the environment. MOPs aid engineers in designing efficient state-of-the-art facilities, assist operators in process control and maintaining equipment, and provide managers with the best technical information for managing valuable infrastructure assets. Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, MOP 8, 5th Edition is the principal reference for contemporary plant design practices of wastewater engineering professionals, augmented by performance information from operating facilities. Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, MOP 11, 6th Edition integrates the experiences, current practices, and innovations from thousands of wastewater treatment plants.

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New Additions - Training/Certification Product Line

Wastewater Disinfection Training Manual
This manual covers the more traditional disinfection methods, chlorination, as well as other widely used methods such as on-site sodium hypochlorite generation and ultraviolet disinfection methods in detail. Additionally, several alternative disinfection methods, such as chlorine dioxide and peracetic acid, are covered. With each disinfection technology covered, the manual discusses the properties of the disinfectant, equipment configurations, operating considerations, troubleshooting, and hazards and safety. Each section contains a chapter quiz, answers and references.

Water Treatment Made Simple: For Operators
A perfect primer for anyone pursuing Water Treatment Plant Operator certification, and a succinct refresher for new hires since it covers all the fundamental proficiencies of water treatment, including laboratory testing, hydraulics, mathematics, chemistry, water transmission, disinfection, and microbiology. It features: Unique problem-solving tools to help operators diagnose and remedy problems throughout the treatment process; self-review questions that help readers qualify their understanding of covered topics; a comprehensive list of references for further study; a helpful glossary and appendixes for quick reference.

Water is Life, and Infrastructure Makes It Happen™
Water is Life, and Infrastructure Makes It Happen™ is a public education program designed to inform elected officials, the media, stakeholder groups and the general public about the growing need to update America's water and wastewater infrastructure. Three new bill stuffers designed to raise awareness on the value of water and wastewater infrastructure are now available: 100 Years Infrastructure Awareness, Crisis Infrastructure Awareness, and Lifeline Infrastructure Awareness. Visit our website to view the full suite of materials that can be used to educate the public about the value in investing in infrastructure for it's long-term sustainability.

Guide to Managing Peak Wet Weather Flows in Municipal Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
This guide outlines an approach for the analysis of collection and treatment of wastewater flows during wet weather conditions, leading to development of sound and effective practices for municipal facility planning, design, and operation for optimum management of wet weather flows. It provides a method for publicly owned treatment works to be more proactive in planning for wet weather flows and describes a process that can be used to build support for real-world solutions that effectively use resources to improve water quality. Available for electronic download (PDF).

Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOP 11 is now available online!
The principal reference source for beginners or veterans in the water quality field is now online. Updates to MOP 11 are available online as individual chapters that can be downloaded, printed, and combined in a binder to 'build your own operations manual'. You may also download a free binder cover and the frontmatter, list of symbols and acronyms, glossary, and index to the fifth edition. New chapters will be available for download in November 2005. Copies of the three volume MOP 11- 5th Edition Book are still available.

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