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Site Remediation Services


Brownfield sites often have a history of contamination. Remediation measures are often required be undertaken on contaminated land prior to redevelopment. In addition, remediation measures are often required by the regulatory body after an environmental accident.The strategy in dealing with the contamination may vary from the removal of the contaminated soils and groundwater, to an in-situ remediation or natural attenuation of the contamination.

Our services include:

  • Site investigation
  • Soil & water sampling and analysis - Delineation of contamination
  • Consultation with regulatory authorities
  • Recommend, plan & design remediation strategy, outlining environmental options and associated costs
  • Onsite supervision & management of works
  • Classification of soil/waste using European Waste Catalogue, Hazardous Waste List and the EPA Hazardous waste tool
  • Risk assessment
  • Comprehensive & integrated reporting

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