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Dougherty Sprague Environmental, Inc.

Soil Amendment Facility Compliance Audit Service



The ABCWUA SAF and RRA are located on a 5,640 acre site west of Albuquerque. The facilities utilize a two phase program comprised of dedicated land disposal and composting for a portion of the biosolids generated by the Water Reclamation System. dse conducted sample collection at the SAF and the RRA to determine the nitrogen levels in the soils on the Site for ABCWUA’s compliance auditing process. Direct-push technology was utilized to sample the soils. dse recorded and provided to ABCWUA the GPS coordinates for each SAF and RRA sample location and coordinated documentation and chain-of-custody efforts with management staff at the client’s laboratory. A portion of the area to be sampled was historically used as a bombing practice range. dse developed safety protocols and screened each sample location for un-exploded ordinance prior to initiating drilling at each sample location.

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