Soil Analysis Services


Farmers Edge Laboratories offers a suite of agricultural soil analysis to inform your crop production decisions.Our soil nutrient analysis packages (listed below) are grouped to fit the crop you plan to seed. We recommend double-depth sampling to inform the best crop planning. Sampling depths are often 0 to 6 inches (surface) and 6 to 24 inches (subsurface).

Farmers Edge Laboratories Price Schedule
At Farmers Edge Laboratories our goal is to provide timely, accurate analysis that you can trust. All analysis is managed by our quality control program and our agricultural soil analytical methods are verified by external proficiency programs. We are quarterly participants in the North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT) program and the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) program.
We also participate in external QC programs for our other analytical services.

Farmers Edge Laboratories regularly provides contracted laboratory testing for development of the agricultural industry. We have provided specialized testing to both public and private industry from both small to large scale development projects. If your project requires a contract lab that specializes in agricultural analysis, we have facility, staff and instrumentation to be considered for your research or development project.

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