Iowa State University Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory (SPAL)

Soil Analysis Services


Soil testing is an important tool for fertility evaluation. We offer three types for services: Standard soil fertility test package. Nitrogen testing. Research soil testing.

Under our extension services we offer standard soil fertility test packages. Samples are tested for Bray or Mehlich3 phosphorus (Olsen P is performed for samples with pH greater than 7.3), ammonium acetate-potassium, pH and Sikora buffer pH for lime requirement. Organic matter, ammonium acetate calcium, magnesium and sodium, and DTPA extractable zinc can be added to the standard soil fertility test packages for additional charge. Other special tests (inorganic nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, hot water boron, total carbon and nitrogen, DTPA extracted Fe, Cu, and Mn, soluble salts, and total elements such as P, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Mn, Al, B, Fe, Zn, Cu, Fe, S, Pb, Si, As, Cd, Be, Cr, etc.) can be requested from our research testing services.

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