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Soil and Waste Services


BIUTEC has a many years of experience in the field of professional sampling, analysis and assessment of soils. Our business activities in this area include: Soil analyses for agricultural and gardening land. Nutrients analyses including fertilisers recommendation. Real estate chemical analyses for the utilisation as living and recreation space. Chemical analyses of building grounds for housing purposes. Real estate chemical analyses for industry and commerce. Overall expert assessment for the recycling or disposal of excavation  ground, excavation material, gravel and sediments.

Waste consists of movable things that their owner is willing to dispose off, that has already been disposed off, or that need to be collected, stored, transported and treated as waste, so that the public interest would not be prejudiced. These materials are also counting as waste when they have developed a connection with the soil that has an impact on the environment (Austrian Waste Management Act).

Our environmental experts have extensive knowledge of the waste legislation, and wide experience in legally dealing with all kinds of waste. Apart from the expert advice for industrial waste management, the professional analysis and characterisation of waste, presumably contaminated sites and abandoned sites are also an integral part of our duties:

  • Analysis of solid and fluid waste, like domestic waste, commercial and   industrial waste
  • Presumably contaminated and abandoned sites
  • Construction waste
  • Contaminated masonry
  • Sludge and waste compost
  • Compost
  • Analyses of waste for the utilisation as combustibles
  • Analyses of waste for reception control and external quality control at   landfill sites

The following further services are closely related to the analysis of soils and waste:

  • Overall expert assessment of waste
  • Classification of waste
  • Assessment of waste hazardousness
  • Risk assessment
  • Environmental site supervision
  • Waste management plans

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