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Ultimately, everything is biodegradable … the question is how long will it take to break down? Soil RemediationOur specialized solutions to soil redemption, leverage Mother-nature's processes in dealing with environmental pollution from accidental spills. These spills often occur in and around gas stations, storage tanks, oil fields, remote tanker truck service areas, chemical plants and the like.

Our procedure is to first, identify the pollutants. We then pinpoint and grow the necessary hardy bacteria that naturally feed and multiply when introduced to the unwanted substances. The final stage is to introduce the bacteria to the soil in specific applications and dosages over specific time periods. These specifics vary with each unique application. Our microbial products eliminate soil contaminants quickly and effectively leaving behind simple H2O and dissipated CO2.

You can reduce or eliminate costly transportation, incineration and replacement fill fees, often associated with conventional soil treatment methods, using our product lines.

Our engineers and biologists will help you to solve your remediation needs by bringing the polluted, damaged soil back into balance, the natural way, using mass doses of scientifically identified, naturally occurring microbes.

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