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The process of soil sample planning, collection and analysis is a key component of effective agronomy management, and is essential for the efficient and economic production of crops. The AgStudio™ Soil Test Automation solution integrates desktop, server and mobile solutions to make the soil testing process smoother, faster and more accurate.

Automated Sampling Work Orders

AgStudio manages the soil sampling process in a simple workflow that enables you to:

  • Clearly communicate directions to the field so samples are pulled exactly as directed, enabling you to monitor soil test changes or make decisions based on historical yield
  • Be sure your sampling crew gets to fields with the right number of correct labels. AgStudio™ automatically calculates the number of samples and labels needed when you adjust options for field size and selected sampling pattern
  • Easily transition from the office to in-field data collection by publishing work orders to the AgStudio™ MAP mobile sampling application or by exporting them as shapefiles for use by other common sampling applications
  • Save time formatting data for your lab – the AgStudio™ database includes more than 25 labs with their specific data requirements
  • Be confident your lab submittal sheets, labels and master sheets are accurate and in the right format for your lab; including bar codes
  • Eliminate time spent importing data and avoid data entry errors by having your lab email soil test results to your database, automatically updating your soil sampling layers

AgStudio gives you the ability to create your own customized report templates for all activities related to soil testing.

  • Pick the details you want in your reports, including data on the grower, farm, field and crop zone domain levels
  • Choose the order of information presentation, as well as the specific map parameters you want to view
  • Run your custom templates as often as you like; you only need to create them once
  • Print the reports from either AgStudio™ or AgStudio™ Select

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