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Solid Waste Characterization and Profiling Services

Knoll obtained the first Massachusetts statewide Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) permit for C&D materials screened to less than 3 inches for useas alternative daily cover at landfills substituting natural soils, by demonstrating the physical and chemical properties of the materials through a six month beneficial use determination of all physical and chemical parameters of the materials as nearly identical to natural sand and gravel.

Dr. Hon and Mr. Doherty conducted a detailed study on the beneficial use of construction and demolition materials (C&D fines) for use as alternative daily cover in landfills for Jet-A Way Waste Technologies. On May 27, 1997 the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, issued the first of its kind, a 'Final Statewide Beneficial Use Permit' for the use of C&D Fines as daily cover at landfills. This project was the first in the state of Massachusetts for a fines reuse program that was the model for all others to follow.

Asbestos Materials Testing laboratory ... As a condition of the Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) permit, Knoll set up an asbestos testing laboratory at the transfer station and trained the employees in the identification of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). The ACMs laboratories were equipped with Polarizing Light Microscopy (PLM) for preparation and analysis of incoming waste streams for the presence (ACM´s).

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