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Solid waste management is a rapidly developing area of environmental engineering. As land becomes more limited, the need for new technology to dispose of our ever increasing waste stream becomes more critical. With the advent of RCRA’s Subtitle D regulations in 1988, the rules for disposing our waste tightened significantly. Alpha-Omega staff was on the forefront of producing and disseminating information to the regulated community in the form of articles, fact sheets, and speaking engagements. We have continued our involvement throughout the years by providing commentary and interpretation of newer regulations that have been produced.

Our staff has been involved with virtually all facets of solid waste management including; master planning, landfill site selection, landfill cell design, landfill cap design, post-closure monitoring, groundwater monitoring, stormwater permitting, leachate and methane collection and/or remediation, recycling, and landfarming. Our staff have served as a certified landfill manager and operated an entire municipal solid waste department that included collection, recycling, and disposal at a city operated construction/demolition debris landfill and incineration facility.

Our knowledge of the entire solid waste process from initial generation to final disposal can be a tremendous asset. By careful evaluation of a facility’s processes, we can usually enhance the current pollution prevention program and identify potential end users that could benefit from typical off products. Of course, this translates into direct savings in production costs and higher profits. Typical solid waste services include:

  • Master Planning
  • Conceptual and Final Landfill Design
  • Site Development/Permitting
  • Closure Plans
  • Groundwater Plan Development
  • Leachate Collection
  • Stormwater Plans
  • Cell Expansion
  • Hydrogeology Studies
  • Methane Control Plans
  • Post Closure Monitoring
  • Closed/Abandoned Landfill Assessments
  • Pollution Prevention Studies
  • Geophysical Investigations

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