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The evaluation of the existing state of solid waste management, the identification of management needs, and the assessment of alternate waste management strategies and means of implementation are key elements in the formulation of a comprehensive solid waste management policy which satisfies the goals and requirements of New York States Environmental Conservation Law and its implementing regulations. Buffalo Environmental has been continually providing these services to private clients within the solid waste management field during the conception, siting, permitting, and design of solid waste management facilities.

Within this context, Buffalo Environmental has developed strategies, which consider the clients goals, the technical and economic feasibility of the options available to meet these goals, and implementation alternatives, which provide for the achievement of these objectives while maintaining compliance with appropriate regulatory requirements. Using this approach, comprehensive plans detailing an integrated waste management system that incorporates components of each of the four basic waste management methods and demonstrated compliance with the State mandated hierarchy and waste reduction/recycling goals are developed.

Critical steps in the development of a comprehensive solid waste management plan include public involvement and the identification and minimization of impacts to human and natural resources. Under the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), 6NYCRR 617, preparation of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) provides the framework for public participation and impact identification and evaluation. Buffalo Environmental works closely with the public during the required public review and comment period in order to insure that their ideas and concerns are considered in the design of the solid waste management policy. Furthermore, Buffalo Environmentals extensive experience with the evaluation of impacts associated with solid waste management methods and the subsequent design of measures which minimize and/or mitigate these impacts is applied to the preparation of the GEIS.

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