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Calculation service for noise and air pollution studies. If noise simulations are not the mainstay of your company but a project requires them as accompanying evidence, we can team up with you. Send us the raw data, the geometry and source information and we will create the simulations and return the results in tabular and graphical formats. You can incorporate these findings into your investigation report without the need to have a noise consultant on your staff.

Supply of computer power for big projects

If you have a big consulting project to do, but too little time to calculate everything in house, or if you do not have sufficient numbers of licenses to calculate a job, we can help! SoundPLAN GmbH owns a calculation cluster for fast parallel calculations. Send us the data and we will calculate it and return the raw results. You get the results faster and you have freed up your own resources to do other project calculations in the meantime.

Consulting projects for difficult questions

If you have a noise control or air pollution project to do, but not enough time to familiarize yourself sufficiently with the materials, ask for information from SoundPLAN GmbH. There is always the possibility they have already completed projects such as yours and can assist with problem areas or the entire project.

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