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Consulting Services in Germany and worldwide; Aside from developing software, SoundPLAN GmbH is also working as consultants for noise control, air pollution assessment, environmental assessment and traffic planning. We also offer our services in regards to the generation, verification and quality control of noise related standards.

The following investigation topics are typical for our expertise:

  • END type noise (SoundPLAN does the Germany wide END noise Map for train noise)
  • Development of customer software for acoustics questions. NoizCalc from dB audio was developed by SoundPLAN for example.
  • Noise control for new roads (dimensioning noise protection walls)
  • Reworking noise control along a train line when the train line is rededicated to become a night time freight railway
  • Determining where the 85 dB contour line is in industry so that hearing protection can be advised properly
  • Planning for alarm systems (to exceed the ambient noise by 15 dB)
  • Noise mapping and action planning in cities and agglomerations
  • Developing ventilation concepts for car tunnels so that the air quality around the tunnel opening meets the requirements
  • Planning for a new runway of an airport, how to route the aircraft to minimize the noise load on the surrounding area
  • Planning parking garages for shopping centers, how to cope with multi deck above ground parking garages

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