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Spare and Replacement Parts for Oxidizers



Having the necessary spare parts readily available is a prerequisite for minimizing the cost and inconvenience of system shutdowns. At Anguil, we have put a lot of effort into developing replacement part plans to support oxidizers built by us as well as other manufacturers. We take inventory of your oxidizer needs and recommend what spare parts would be critical, what parts are recommended, and which ones should be ordered as needed. We will work with you in developing a sensible approach that works within your budget.

Did you know that some air permits require companies to keep critical oxidizer spare parts on site in order to remain in compliance?

In order to assist you in component selection we categorized the components into various categories, as indicated by their priority level. The priority levels are defined as convenience, critical, recommended, or when needed.


Convenience - Consumables that are not critical to operation of the system but are needed for documenting the operating conditions; chart recorder paper and replacement pens are some examples.

Critical - Parts that are considered vital to system operation. These are often high use or high wear items such as a poppet valve actuator. Critical parts can also include items that are crucial for oxidizer control such as thermocouples, flow sensors, and damper actuators. Other components at the critical level are ones that require frequent maintenance such as spark igniters that are subject to cracking.

Recommended - Considered important to system uptime, recommended spare parts are tied to a critical operation or safety feature. These items are not typically known to fail, however they cannot safely be bypassed if they do. Air proving switches, pressure transmitters and fuel train components fit into this category. 

When Needed - Components that are unlikely to fail or not generally critical to system operation. These parts would only be ordered as replacements when the need arises.

For additional information and useful hints on stocking spare parts, see Part 3 of our Oxidizer Service Series titled Stocking Spare Parts for Your Oxidizer System

Anguil has almost four decades of experience supplying the full range of oxidizer technologies and servicing every make, model, and configuration. On average Anguil services oxidizers made by eighteen different manufacturers every year.  Our experienced Field Service Engineers are on call, ready to help with your next spare parts need from our well-stocked inventory.

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