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Special Core Analysis Services



The following table lists our most popular advanced core analysis tests including Mobility and Risk-Based Parameters. PTS has the capability to perform many more tests and analyses than those listed.

Advanced Core Analysis and Risk-Based Parameters

  • Soil Moisture Retention Curve (ASTM D6836)
  • Air/Water Drainage Capillary Pressure (ASTM D6836)
  • van Genuchten Parameters (proprietary)
  • Brooks-Corey (proprietary)
  • Oil/Water Drainage Capillary Pressure (ASTM D6836)
  • Oil/Water Imbibition Capillary Pressure (ASTM D6836)
  • Air/Oil Drainage Capillary Pressure (ASTM D6836)
  • Porous Plate Capillary Pressure (ASTM D2325/3152)
  • Porous Membrane Capillary Pressure (ASTM D2325/3152)
  • Specific Retention/Yield (ASTM D425)
  • Residual Saturations (multiple methods)
  • Pore Size Distribution/Mercury Injection Porosimetry (ASTM D4404)
  • Mobility Parameters (multiple methods)
  • Oil/Water Drainage Relative Permeability (JBN)
  • Oil/Water Imbibition Relative Permeability (proprietary)
  • Air/Water Imbibition Relative Permeability (proprietary)
  • Air/Water Drainage Relative Permeability (proprietary)
  • Steam or Thermal Simulation (proprietary)
  • Environmental Forensics (gas chromatography)
  • Soil or Column Leaching Data (ASTM D4874)
  • KMnO4 or Fenton’s Reagent Soil Columns (proprietary)

Fluid Properties

  • Interfacial Tension (ASTM D971)
  • Surface Tension (ASTM D971)
  • Fluid Density (ASTM D1481)
  • Oil (NAPL) or Product Gravity (ASTM D1481)
  • Viscosity; Water or NAPL (ASTM D445)
  • Viscosity, >12° API (ASTM D445)
  • Viscosity, >12° API (proprietary)
  • Reid Vapor Pressure (ASTM D5191)
  • OILPRINT™ Fingerprinting (IP318/75M)
  • FSCOT (IP318/75M)
  • Oil Cleaning (proprietary)
  • Separation of Oil and Water (proprietary)
  • B, S, & W (ASTM D-96 )
  • Environmental Forensics (proprietary)
  • DNAPL, creosote or MGP fluids(proprietary)

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