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Steam Boiler Management / Water Softening Services

Steam Boiler Management and Control. At high temperatures accurate control of the water chemistry through steam boiler management and control is essential to ensure high efficiency and long life of the plant. To guard against the effects of scale and corrosion we offer services that treat the feedwater (External Treatment: Clarification; Softening; Demineralisation; Dealkalisation; Filtration) and treat the steam/condensate (Internal Treatment: Dosing of inhibitors).

Our services include:-

  • Supply of control and dosing equipment;
  • Monitoring of the feedwater and condensate return
  • Dosing of the system to achieve the correct chemistry;
  • Chemical Supply,
  • Consultancy to help with the design of the management regime.

Industrial Water Softeners and Filtration

Hard water leads to the deposition of scale and subsequent loss of plant efficiency. The cost effective solution is to treat the incoming water. This is achieved by the installation of an ion exchange water softener or a reverse osmosis unit.

Ion Exchange uses a process where calcium carbonate (Scale) is replaced by sodium carbonate which is more soluble in water and doesn't precipitate out.

Reverse osmosis is a process in which contaminated water is separated from pure water through the use of a membrane filter. Reverse osmosis water filtration is effective in removing many water impurities.

Ara Environmental Ltd's experience of industrial water softeners allows us to:-

  • Supply field test kits;
  • Design and size equipment for your site;
  • Supply & Install equipment
  • Service & Support

for all sizes and uses of water softeners. While sizing water softeners it is important to bear in mind not only the average but the peak flow required by the downstream processes.

In addition we can supply pre or post filtration equipment as required.

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