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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Monitoring Discharges


Compliance under the NPDES Industrial General Permit requires the elimination of non-storm water discharges to the storm drain system, development of a site-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and monitoring of discharges.


Our federal stormwater experts are experienced in the development of SWPPPs for industrial facilities. 

We evaluate each facility and design cost-effective Best Management Practices (BMPs) based on the potential pollutant sources for your SWPPP.  We offer industrial facility operators comprehensive stormwater permit compliance services for the following:

•  Identification of significant materials and potential pollutant sources for your SWPPP
•  Elimination of non-stormwater discharges for SWPPP
•  Design and selection of appropriate BMPs and stormwater management controls for the SWPPP and Federal and State compliance
•  Create a map of your facility to locate pollution sources, outfalls and identity BMPs implemented
•  Industrial facility compliance inspections for SWPPP compliance within all State and Federal Regulations
•  SWPPP Stormwater pollution prevention training for all essential employees
•  Development of stormwater monitoring program based upon Federal and State standards
•  Preparation and submittal of an Annual Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluation for your SWPPP as required by Federal and State requirements


The EPA requires three types of facility inspections as apart of your storm water management program: 

•   Routine facility inspections
•   Quarterly visual assessment of stormwater discharges and,
•   Comprehensive site inspections

 Quest Consultants & Associate’s SWPPP Professionals all have the expertise to complete any or all of these Federal and State inspections.  We can also train your employees to perform these inspections accurately and according to the regulations.  Updates and revisions to the SWPPP can also be incorporated as necessary.


At Quest Consultants our SWPPP Professionals assist our clients in better understanding all aspects of SWPPP management through onsite training and education services.  The purpose of our training is to help prepare and inform clients on the required information and tasks needed to be NPDES SWPPP and SPCC compliant. 

Our onsite training includes the following key components:

•   Goals and purpose of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
•   Understand proper installation, maintenance and inspection of best management practices (BMPs) onsite; and
•   Assess your industrial facility to determine proper storm water compliance and provide assistance to the facility workers on how to maintain an NPDES compliant site.

Quest has vast expertise in writing Pollution Prevention Plans . We have been writing plans for industry and government facilities since 1990.

Although PE's are not required to sign SWPPP's, we have found that most 'self written' plans fall far short of the regulatory requiements specified. Our suggestion is to have it done correctly. The cost of an incorrect Plan can be higher than dreamed...

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