Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans


The SWP3 identify potential sources of pollution that may affect the quality of stormwater discharge from a facility and describe and ensure the implementation of Best Management Practices to reduce the pollutants. Facilities that conduct vehicle and equipment repairs, painting, fueling, lubrication, serve as salvage yards, serve as chemical storage facilities, issued a stormwater discharge permit, or serve as temporary storage areas for waste oil, are required to develop and implement site-specific SWP3.

A SWP3 will include the following components:

  • Description of existing and proposed stormwater management and water quality controls
  • Site Map showing outfalls, industrial activities, and drainage areas
  • Description of facility industrial activities
  • Description of exposed industrial activities and previous spills
  • Identification of Non-Stormwater Discharges
  • Procedures for eliminating non-authorized discharges
  • Outfall Monitoring Procedures
  • Schedule of Implementation  
  • Identification of Illicit Connections
  • Risk Assessment and Feasibility Study
  • Training Guidelines
  • Required Corporate Signatures

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