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 Gulf Coast Consulting provides the bridge from start to finish from your simple idea to the next big thing, and the strategy plan that will ensure potential investment confidence. GCC will help you find the acceleration lane and move at a top speed to get your idea, product, or service to market. Strategy Planning is executed beginning with intense market research and due diligence that will drive potential investors to clearly see the road ahead.  It is our vision and relentless persistence that will provide the bridge between your idea and an investor.

Continuous market focus keeps GCC on track with the ultimate goal of getting your product to market.  GCC can assist you from your blue sky thinking, to early idea development, and we will bring you closer to capturing today's markets.  Strategic planning ensures any investment its market share, ROI, and longevity.

Creating an effective strategy takes more than good ideas.  To establish a strategy, your team must agree on the answers to two basic questions:

  • 'Where do we want to go?' and
  • 'How do we want to get there?'

Formulating your strategy requires creativity, analysis, learning, and commitment. It requires both inspiration -- envisioning ideas, spotting opportunities, and grasping new situations -- and perspiration -- budgeting and planning, holding key meetings and side conversations, producing formal documents, crunching numbers, and creating presentations.

GCC's process for strategy development and planning can help you and your team efficiently create and implement a value-creating strategy. We leverage your time by helping you assess the past, plan for the future, and bring together a definitive strategy and visions. We analyze the critical path and as well as ensure that the right people are involved along the way.

We customize our services to our client's particular situation, available resources, and time constraints. With your objectives in mind, we establish the deliverables and fast track every task required to boldly roll out your new products, services, and companies to their target audiences, markets, and industries.

Strategies in the Works

  • Gas Recovery Systems AS Norway Technologies

  • Port of Corpus Christi Tanker and Sphere Recovery Project

  • Skaugen PetroTrans Russian Shipping Crude Project

  • Centaur International Ltd Russian Crude, Ethanol, & Methane Energy Projects

  • ATRIS Petrochemical Site, Facility, & Contractor Biometrics Security Technology

  • Reyes Global Holdings Inc Innovations & Technologies R&D

  • Russian Methanol Technology Transfer & US Patents

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